My experiences with Becky have been absolutely amazing. I came in with barely any knowledge of nutrition and she’s been patient with my progress. Her advice stems from a deep-rooted passion and endless search for answers. She makes sure to always explain the why behind a certain diet change. Since seeing her, I've substantially reduced my anxiety, cleared up my skin, and lost 20 pounds. I can’t recommend her services enough!

/  henry r.  /


I highly recommend working with Becky if you want to improve your diet and lifestyle. I was feeling fatigued from digestive issues and was recommended to Becky because she also suffers from Celiac and other digestive issues. Becky listened patiently and professionally to my health, fitness and lifestyle history. She retooled my diet and recommended changes that resulted in more energy. But, most importantly, she also made me realize that my career choices were actually making me sick and fatigued; bringing me no joy. She helped me develop a plan to identify what actions I needed to take to re-order my priorities and then stick to the actions to reach my goals. I am feeling energized with the new diet and positive steps I have taken to make changes to my lifestyle choices. I could not have done this without her support and professional guidance.

/  karen g.  /