My Method


the dirty habit method...

My Method is a culmination of research-backed science and individualized programs tailored to your preferences, lifestyle, and goals. Together we will go about creating habits that will instill lifelong changes. 

While I'm super passionate and serious about instilling everyday habits to build a foundation of health, I also firmly believe in enjoyment and play. I want you to fully enjoy your margaritas at Rosie's and experience a culinary masterpiece while traveling, without effecting your health. Your Dirty Habit can be a part of your life. In fact, it doesn't feel so dirty once we build a strong foundation to move you through each day with ease. 

My Method is strongly rooted in Primary Food - the 'nutrition' you get from non-food sources. Often times our Secondary Food (actual food) is lackluster or misused when we have issues with our Primary Food - career, relationships, physical activity, finances, hobbies, spirituality, and creativity. Together we will adjust deficiencies in Primary Food to maximize how we approach our Secondary Food. 

When we address your Secondary Food, we will aim for adding in as much variety and nutritional value as possible, all while keeping hunger hormones stabilized. You will feel energized, light, calm, and focused, all while reaching your fantasy goals. 

Your fantasy goals are incredibly achievable. Don't ever down play or question them. Reaching these goals allows you to show up each day radiating your highest self, allowing you to fully contribute your unique gifts to the world.